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Coming Soon: Bring Your LinkedIn Network to TweetDeckComing Soon: Bring Your LinkedIn Network to TweetDeck With the addition of Facebook and MySpace, TweetDeck has gradually gone from being just a great Twitter client to now being a true browser for the real-time web. With the addition of each...

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Discover The Dynamic New TweetDeck DirectoryDiscover The Dynamic New TweetDeck Directory Today we are delighted to announce a very exciting new version of the TweetDeck Directory. Back in September we introduced the TweetDeck Directory to make it easier to find and follow your...

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Great Scott! TweetDeck engages the Twitter Flux CapacitorGreat Scott! TweetDeck engages the Twitter Flux Capacitor Marty: Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean? Doc Brown: The way I see it, if you're going to build a time machine into a...

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TweetDeck for iPadTweetDeck for iPad Apart from, how do I get one of these, my first thought as I watched the iPad being revealed was that TweetDeck was MADE for this device (or should that be this device was made for TweetDeck...unlikely).  TweetDeck's...

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Happy Small Business Week – Greg Gunn Talks Social Media Strategy - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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Constant Contact Event

Celebrate Small Business Week, Santa Monica style! HootSuite VP, Business Development, Greg Gunn is speaking at a session titled ‘Don’t Waste Your Time on Social’ at Constant Contact’s Get Down to Business Conference on Thursday, May 24, 2012.

Greg explores time saving tips and teaches small business owners the secrets of leveraging social media efforts for the best results. For those of you who have seen his presentations, you know you won’t want to miss one of Greg’s dynamic, energetic and informative talks. Pick his brain following the speaking sessions at a HootUp hosted at the Spitfire Grill.

Tips and Tactics from @Gunnr

Greg GunnCreating a custom social media strategy is simpler than it seems, and Greg can teach you all the tricks. He will draw real life examples from small businesses as well as share best practices and case studies. That’s not all, by attending this event, you’ll have a chance to win a premium HootKit to be given away at the Main Stage! Small Business Week also marks the West Coast premiere of a new HootSuite feature, HootFeed: allowing your Tweets and questions to appear on the big screen. Be sure to tweet with Small Business Week’s official hashtag to have your Tweet featured on our HootFeed: #SBW2012. We’ll have more info on the HootFeed announced soon. Event Deets: SPEAKER: Greg Gunn, VP Business Development (@gunnr) EVENT NAME: Get Down To Business 2012 VENUE: The Museum of Flying, 3100 Airport Avenue Santa Monica‎ CA‎ 90405 DATE: Thursday, May 24, 2012 TIME: 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM WORKSHOP: 25 minutes SESSION TITLE: Don’t Waste Your Time on Social OFFICIAL HASHTAG: #SBW2012

Owls in Santa Monica

If you’d like some one-on-one time with Greg Gunn, VP, Business Development, HootSuite or if you’d like to meet other conference goers and cool peeps, come to the HootUp directly after Greg’s talk. Greg and HootUp attendees will be enjoying appies and drink specials on the sunny patio of Spitfire Grill from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm, hosted by Dave Finstrom of HutDogs. Swing by to meet Greg, buy him a bourbon and hit him up for social media strategy tips! Also, stop by our Owly station to make your own Owly face mask, mingle with other HootUp guests and swap small business stories.
Owl Mask

Make your own HootSuite mask

The HootUp is open to the public so please help us spread the word and bring a friend to the party. The more the merrier! HootUp Deets: EVENT NAME: HootUp VENUE: Spitfire Grill, 3300 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405 DATE: Thursday, May 24, 2012 TIME: 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM OFFICIAL HASHTAG: #HootUpSM RSVP for our Santa Monica HootUp. Be sure to follow up @HootUp and @HootSuiteEvents for the latest on both events.

Social Media Fundamentals for Business – HootSuite University Courseware - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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hootsuite university courseware header

As a social business, or a social media professional you understand the importance of staying on top of today’s rapidly changing media landscape. But what about the rest of your team? Education plays a key role in maintaining a competitive advantage in social business. So while your company’s visionaries are focusing on social strategy, there is a need for current, tactical content and support for those executing the social vision.

HootSuite University is here to help, and happy to release the Introduction to Social Media Across An Organization. Available to all HootSuite University students, this courseware is part one of a two-part series, and will provide the fundamental education needed to get your entire organization on the same page about social media.

Laying the Social Groundwork

Students will explore how marketing teams are using social media, and how different departments are leveraging social in order to accomplish company goals, whether it’s marketing, sales, or customer service. Discover what social media is, who’s using it, and why it’s important for your organization. Check out the courseware curriculum and get a sneak peek of what you can expect.

Part two of this foundational courseware, available in June,will introduce and explore the landscape of social media by providing a profile of the mainstream channels, as well as many of the more niche platforms.

courseware screenshot 3

Thinking Outside the Box

Don’t bore your teams with endless slides and a monotone speaker. Enable and empower them with HootSuite University’s industry-leading approach to online education, through engaging video modules, useful worksheets and online tests.

HootSuite University’s growing library of social media content provides ongoing education for your teams, including our Lecture Series featuring industry leaders, and cutting edge courseware.

Learn more about becoming a student and enrolling your team in HootSuite University:

Learn More Button

Organize Your Owls With HootSuite Teams – News Roundup - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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A parliament of owlsWith the release of HootSuite Teams, it’s never been easier to manage your social media team. The scalable and intuitive toolkit enables teams to be built and managed organically. Since its release earlier this May, news of the launch has been wide spread.

Check out this collection of media coverage to see what people are saying about HootSuite’s latest.

Working with your Wisdom of Owls

The Next Web – HootSuite launches ‘Teams’ toolkit for serious business users

[While] HootSuite can be used for free by individuals simply looking to centralize all their social networking activity within a single platform, the company says that its corporate clients have tripled over the past year, with two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies now using it.

Particularly within larger international companies, social media teams can be decentralized – with users updating multiple accounts from different locations and different departments. And this is the problem HootSuite is seeking to solve with Teams.

Business Insider – Tweet Team Growing? Use Social Media Tools That Grow With Your Business.

Social media is exploding – we’re all diving in and Tweeting, Liking and generating ‘content’ like crazy. But there’s one problem, some of us are no longer the only persons hitting “re-tweet” on our corporate accounts? Some of you now have 3 staff who post on Facebok. The tools you started out with were most likely designed for just one person – you’re outgrowing things.

HootSuite (social media management company) knows this and has a solution that grows with you – announced today – HootSuite teams.


LESSON LEARNED: If you are using a tool that’s made for your business 5 years ago, upgrade or get rid of it and use a tool that meets the needs of your GROWING business.

All Things D – HootSuite Adds Industrial-Strength Social Media for Corporate Teams

I talked with CEO Ryan Holmes last week. He said the use cases for the new version are many: Agencies that have multiple brands for clients, or big consumer companies like a Procter & Gamble, which have literally hundreds of brands, each with their own campaign. “The average big company has 25 brands that it is managing, and that gets complicated fast,” Holmes said. Add in multiple networks — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+ — and the complexity increases.

CMSWire – HootSuite Releases Tool to Make Team-based Social Media Management Easier

HootSuite Teams allows organizations to govern content and manage access to social networks. Administrators can configure the platform with their organizational structure and assign permissions at an organization, team or social profile level to ensure only appropriate users can post messages or respond to comments. HootSuite Teams also supports review and approval workflows.

Information Week – HootSuite Improves Workflow, Approvals For Social Media Teams

Large businesses and enterprises are getting more organized about how they manage social media, and HootSuite is trying to keep pace, VP of marketing Ben Watson said in an interview. “This lets them define who the different teams are and assign the right level of privileges to each member of those teams,” he said. “I can also see who my top performers are across those teams, roll up that reporting, and share it with other users. I can have one view of what my team is up to and how well we’re doing it.” Because Teams starts at the Pro Edition level, it’s available to teams of two people or teams of 2,000, he said.

Kyle Stankiewicz – HootSuite Teams offers Businesses a Powerful Social Media Tool

Tech writer, Kyle Stankiewicz, offers his thoughts on HootSuite’s newest tool and weighs in on social media’s growing importance for lead generation:

The most intriguing part is how effective it is, 20% of businesses who use Twitter claim to have closed deals based on leads generated by their tweets. But this success must be nurtured and worked for, simply creating accounts and auto-posting to them will not yield good results- 77% of consumers say they interact with brands on Facebook primarily through reading posts and updates from the companies, and auto-posting decreases likes and comments by 70%.

As we move further into the digital age there is more pressure than ever for businesses to get involved with social media, and the release of HootSuite Teams along with its competing platforms tells us that there is a great demand for tools to manage social networking teams to build brands for businesses and interact with consumers.

The coverage doesn’t stop there. Read on for even more HootSuite Teams articles and posts:

Marketing Pilgrim – HootSuite Teams Offering Targets Business Market
Techvibes – HootSuite Launches Teams, a Suite of Hardcore Tools for Serious Business Users
Business in Vancouver – HootSuite launches tool for corporate teams
Business Review Canada – HootSuite Releases Teams Tool for Corporate Social Media
Rev Media Marketing – HootSuite Expands; Marketers Rejoice
TMC News – HootSuite Teams: A Tool for Serious Business Collaboration

The Social Media Jedi – Hootsuite teams – New Social media management dashboard
Jessie Eckert – HootSuite for Teams

Onboard Your Owls

Looking for learning resources to organize your team? Set your team up for success with the following HootSuite University videos that cover how to manage your organization, teams, permission levels and individual user profiles.

Loading playlist …

Plus, check out this collection of migration resources to help you tailor your Organization, including a helpful FAQ (available in español and português), Migration InfoSheet and support articles.

Whale + Owl

Said The Whale
Said The Whale is featured in HootSuite’s latest video

Wondering what song we used for our HootSuite Teams video? It’s a track called “Loveless” by Said The Whale who are currently on tour in the UK. Listen to the full track and their latest album, Little Mountain, at: www.saidthewhale.com/

Follow them on Twitter: @saidthewhale

Let Us Know

The addition of the new collaboration features was in response to your valuable user feedback. Let us know what you’d like to see next by chiming in on HootSuite’s feedback channel. Your opinions help shape our roadmap and we’re always curious to see the different ways our owls are using the dashboard.

We keep a close eye on all the Tweets and ”Likes” you share with us. HootSuite aims to continually  lead the way with the features and functionality needed to improve your social media success.

If you’re dealing with any challenges with the new tool, we’re here to help. For starters, check the articles on the Help Desk or ask on Twitter via @HootSuite_Help.

Announcing the Launch of HootSuite Social Compliance – Powered by Global Relay - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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HootSuite Compliance Header

Today, HootSuite is excited to announce the launch of HootSuite Social Compliance. Powered by strategic partner Global Relay – the leading cloud-based message archiving, search and surveillance tool for the financial services industry – HootSuite’s newest Enterprise solution provides the most comprehensive social media pre-approval and archiving solution in the industry.

Make friends with your compliance officer! With HootSuite Social Compliance, clients can tap HootSuite Enterprise for social media engagement, collaboration, analytics, security and training while also managing the review and supervision of social media communications from their Global Relay Archive. Pre-review tools finally bring compliance officers into the approval queue mitigating the barriers to social media messaging for financial firms.

Sign up to learn more about HootSuite Social Compliance:

Learn More Button

Powered by Global Relay

“HootSuite’s social media expertise perfectly complements Global Relay’s depth of expertise in message archiving for the financial services sector,” said Shannon Rogers, Global Relay President and General Counsel. “This partnership will provide financial firms with a combination of the two best tools on the market for social media content management, compliance and pre-approval.”

The solution will enable firms to archive, search and monitor social media based on specific metadata fields, such as message content, social profiles and dates. HootSuite Social Compliance also features integration with leading social networks – including Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Google+ Pages – and HootSuite’s powerful collaboration tools for working in teams and assigning granular permission levels.

Maximize Your Social Outreach

HootSuite for BusinessBuilt for business, Enterprise is HootSuite’s top tier plan with the most advanced functionality, training and support available. Seamlessly weave social media throughout your organization with guidance from HootSuite’s Account Management teams.

Learn how HootSuite Enterprise can help your team securely monitor, broadcast, collaborate and measure your social media initiatives: hootsuite.com/enterprise

New Facebook Brand Pages – HootGuide - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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Find out how to use our Facebook Timeline best practices to help your organization build an effective social media strategy, strengthen relationships with your brand’s community and see your ROI on your Facebook campaign.

This HootGuide includes the following Best Facebook Timeline practices:

  • Customizing your Cover Photo
  • Managing your Pinned Posts
  • How to Highlight a Post
  • Managing Milestones
  • *Plus* An Overview of Facebook Analytics with HootSuite
Download HootGuide Now

Egypt Unrest and the Social Web – Infographic - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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Amidst political unrest and chaos during the Arab Spring, HootSuite became a channel of communication for Egyptian citizens. Since Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels were blocked by the Egyptian government on January 24 and 25, 2011, users quickly signed up for HootSuite to by-pass the block. HootSuite received a spike in user sign-ups during this period until the internet was blocked entirely by the Egyptian government. For a brief period, HootSuite was part of political history as a communication catalyst and vehicle to connect the global community.

HootSuite produced an infographic that details the progression of Social Media usage and notable tweets during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

Arab Spring Infographic

Ryan Holmes in The Huffington Post – After the IPO: What’s next for Facebook and Social Media? - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Image via Brian Solis

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes is featured on the Huffington Post’s Tech homepage today. Holmes, who has a regular column on the site, weighs in on the Facebook IPO and what this means for the future of social media. You can check out the post here.

Game Changer

Facebook’s $100 billion price tag should erase any doubts about the game-changing impact of social media, Holmes writes. Social media is here to stay. It’s changed the way we communicate. And it’s a huge business.

But there are big challenges ahead as Facebook, Twitter and other networks look to grow and stay on top. Here are some trends to watch in the post-IPO era:

1) Social media goes mobile. There’s a ton of room for improvement in terms of the mobile social media experience.  Look for better location-awareness features and integration with third-party apps in years ahead, as mobile Internet use comes to dominate desktop use.

2) The privacy debate heats up.  Facebook has already alienated some fans and angered watchdogs over the ways it uses data collected from its 901 million users. As its new shareholders begin to demand greater returns, there will be even more pressure to mine user info in new and more pervasive ways.

3) Better business models will emerge.  Better business models – that let sites stay in the black without compromising user privacy – are already out there.  Expect to see the freemium model (with sites offering free and paid premium versions) grow in the years ahead.

4) Social media goes international. The rest of the world is catching up with North America’s social media wave. While US growth rate has slowed for Facebook, adoption of the social network is still rapidly growing with Brasil and India leading the charge.

5) Social media goes corporate.  Facebook Pages is already a powerful tool for small businesses to engage with customers. In the years ahead, Facebook and other networks will turn more attention to courting mid- and large-sized companies with paid enterprise editions.

6) Better integrations and more open platforms. Why is 1/7th of the world on Facebook? Not just to post status updates. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways to wile away the hours on the site (FarmVille and Mafia Wars, I mean you). These kinds of 3rd-party integrations – with networks welcoming contributions from an ecosystem of outside developers – are clearly the way forward.

For the full story, check out Holmes’ complete article on Huffington Post website.

Additional Viewing

Tune in to the The National – the flagship nightly news program from the CBC – tonight at 10pm PDT to see Ryan discussing the upcoming IPO with host, Ian Hanomansing. We’ll post the segment on the blog when it becomes available.

In the meantime, check out this video by CBC correspondent, David Common, featured on the May 16th edition of The National:

Selling Social to the CEO ~ HootSuite University Lecture Series - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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HootSuite University Lecture Series

You understand it, you speak the language, and you’re sold on the power of social business, but your CEO isn’t buying. You’ve done your homework and due diligence, so how can you tell your social media story in a way that is going to resonate with the senior executives?

Greg Verdino HeadshotHootSuite University is proud to host Selling Social to the CEO with Greg Verdino, author of the book microMARKETING and founder of VERDINO LLC.

In this practical Lecture Series, learn tactical tips and strategies for getting the executive support and resources you need to turn your social vision into action.

Watch Now button

This feature presentation is one of many in HootSuite University’s growing library of social media content, and is available to the public for one week only. Looking to continue your social media education? Check out HootSuite University to enjoy continued access to our Lecture Series, courseware and HootSuite Certification Program.

Want to be notified of upcoming Lecture Series presentations? Join our mailing list.

Social Listening: Turning Surveys into Effective Social Engagement – #Enterprise Conversations - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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With so many social media services to keep track of, it can be difficult to efficiently create a content campaign that will provide engagement and results. Fortunately, with HootSuite’s latest wave of App Directory integrations into the dashboard, it has become easy to bridge the gap between market research and customer conversations.

To help users get acquainted with the Vision Critical integration, HootSuite Enterprise is pleased to present Social Listening: Turning Surveys into Effective Social Engagement. Hosted by HootSuite Enterprise Trainer, Kemp Edmonds and Gordon McNeill, SVP of Corporate Development at Vision Critical, this is the first of a series of Enterprise Conversations that will help your organization optimize your social strategy.

Register Here Button

This webinar is on May 17th at 11 a.m PT.  It’s free to attend for anyone.

Social Meets Real-Time Research

Marketers today are challenged to adopt new, social technologies in order to drive campaigns and engage audiences. Often times, it can be labor intensive and time consuming to continuously monitor social media while doing the measurement and background research to ensure engagement is relevant and effective.

The Vision Critical Surveys app in the HootSuite App Directory helps to streamline this process. The app works by enabling users to easily distribute survey links via social media as well as view top level results, providing holistic and user friendly tools to connect to their audience.

Now members of your social media team can see real time survey results in-stream, alongside Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channel feeds. Incorporate research results directly into messages, drop report links into notes you append to assignments, and optimize your social engagement.

Register for the Enterprise Conversations webinar on May 17th at 11 a.m PT.

The Vision Critical App is one of many in the HootSuite App directory. To see all of the apps available, visit hootsuite.com/app-directory to learn more and install today!

Enterprise Conversations for Marketers

The Enterprise Conversations series is a set of webinars aimed at solving the social challenges that marketers face day to day. Each webinar is free to attend and hosted by HootSuite and one of our leading integrations partners.

Stay tuned for upcoming Enterprise Conversations soon.

HootSuite Enterprise offers the most advanced business toolset for social media management. Designed to scale to suit your team size – whether 5 or 500+ – this plan offers the highest level of security, education, training and support. To learn more, contact us at hootsuite.com/enterprise

Owls in the Big Apple – HootSuite attends CM Summit - Story From: HootSuite Social Media Management

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CM Summit Logo

HootSuite hits the Big Apple next week for the Conversational Marketing Summit (CM Summit) from Monday, May 14 to Tuesday, May 15, 2012 in New York City. Social Media for the Summit will be powered by HootSuite who will be sponsoring the event.

At the CM Summit, hobnob with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and creative professionals from some of the most cutting edge social brands and products in the tech industry today. Notable brands include Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google.

Drop by and say hello to the Owls manning the HootSuite booth: Jess Wakeman, Peter O’Sullivan and Laura Horak. There will be tons of cool stuff happening at the booth including the premiere of our new HootFeed feature (more on this later in the week), HootSuite dashboard demos and of course giveaways of our coveted Owly swag and HootKits.

Be sure to Tweet from HootSuite’s dashboard and use #cmsummit in your Tweets to be entered into our contest for an awesome prize. A winner will be announced on Monday and Tuesday via @HootSuiteEvents.

Event Deets:

DATES: May 14 – 15, 2012

VENUE: Skylight Soho, 275 Hudson Street New York City

TIMES: May 14 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM |  May 15 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM